A brand audit* by Break Free From Plastics identified a group of the world's top ocean plastic polluters. Number one on the list? Coca-Cola.  

But the oceans and the wildlife that rely on them got great news today. Coca-Cola has committed to increasing its use of refillable bottles in its global effort to reach 25% reusable packaging by 2030

How is this going to make a difference? As shown in a recent report by Oceana, just a 10% increase in the market share of refillable bottles in all coastal countries could keep anywhere from 4.5 to 7.6 billion plastic bottles per year out of the ocean.

Oceana has been at the forefront of this fight because it just makes sense -- the best way to eliminate single-use plastic and save the oceans is by reusing what we have.

This committment from Coca-Cola, is a start, but doesn’t make refillable bottles available for most customers in the US and many other countries. We should all have the option to choose refillables over single-use containers. 

It's time to stand up and ask Coca-Cola to provide this option to all of us.


*Audit of 330,493 pieces of plastic pollution collected in 45 countries and analyzed in order to identify the companies polluting the most places with the most plastic waste. Source


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My name is {user_data~First Name} {user_data~Last Name}, and I, my friends and family – like so many others – have bought your products.

I am emailing today with Oceana to request a refillable option now. Right now, if a customer wants to buy a product made by The Coca-Cola Company, too often the default option is to get your products in single-use containers. Please do not tell me about recycling – recycling is not helping to save our oceans. Only 9% of all the plastic produced to date has been recycled.

Plastic is everywhere in our oceans, from the sea surface to our beaches and coastline, to the deepest depths of the Mariana Trench. Albatrosses have been found dead, with entire beverage bottles in their gullet. A recent study found that 100% of sea turtles have ingested or become entangled in plastic.

It is good news that Coca-Cola has decided to commit to 25% reusable packaging across its brands by 2030. That is a good start. But, the oceans need more. We need a commitment to transparency on this issue – to detail how much single-use plastic is being kept out of our oceans by this effort. I also call on you to give me the option to get Coca-Cola products in refillable bottles rather than single-use containers.

Coca-Cola is a true leader in refillables. According to Coca-Cola’s own data, returnable glass bottles and refillable PET currently represent more than 50% of The Coca-Cola Company’s product sales in more than 20 markets. Coca-Cola needs to build on the important announcement and become a leader in saving the oceans.

Please help protect our oceans and planet by giving your customers like me a refillable bottle choice.

Kind regards,

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