Breaking: Monster Fish Farm in Frenchman Bay REJECTED

For generations, Maine’s coastal waters have provided us with food, jobs, and a cherished way of life. But today, all of that is under threat.

A monster fish farm is being proposed in Frenchman Bay, just outside of Acadia National Park. This monster salmon farm would produce half as much salmon as all of Eastern Canada, discharging billions of gallons of waste into the water each day. It would also bring noise, light pollution, and daily boat traffic, including ships transporting salmon excrement across the bay. Massive salmon farms like this have been known to invite disease and parasites, which often require vast amounts of pesticides and harmful chemicals. We must protect this pristine ecosystem before it’s too late.

Tell Gov. Janet Mills to publicly oppose the monster fish farm in Frenchman Bay. Please feel free to edit the petition text below, then fill out your info on the right to submit your letter.

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This action emails your direct state representatives and can only be completed by Maine residents with an address recognized by the database provided by U.S. Congress.