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Tell Congress to Make Plastic Polluters Pay

Members of Congress have introduced a bill that would put a fee on plastic polluters. The REDUCE Act would set a per pound fee on the sale of new, or virgin, plastic used for single-use products. The bill would hold the plastic industry accountable for its pollution and help level the playing field between recycled plastic and new plastic.

We must seize this opportunity. The equivalent of roughly two garbage trucks worth of plastic enters our oceans every minute. At this point, plastic is so prevalent in our environment that it’s not only killing marine life, it’s also affecting us personally. We’re eating, drinking, and breathing microplastics every day.

We have no time to waste. Change is needed and passing a plastic polluters fee is an important step to address the plastic crisis. Now is the time for Congress to hold plastic polluters accountable.

Tell your members of Congress to put a fee on plastic polluters.

This action targest members of the U.S. House of Representatives and can only be completed by constituents with an address recognized by the database provided by Congress. 

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