Boaters see firsthand many of the issues that our oceans face such as plastic pollution, oil spills and marine habitat destruction. We want to UNITE sailors and boaters to protect our oceans.

To preserve the health of our oceans and waterways for generations to come, I pledge to:

  • Gather trash on or near the water
  • Reduce, reuse and rethink my consumption of single-use plastics
  • Equip my vessel with eco-smart products
  • Educate myself and my crew on how to properly manage waste
  • Nominate members of my boating community to take the GREEN Boater Pledge

As a Green Boater, you will be provided with eco-friendly boating advice and opportunities to have your voice heard on issues that affect your waterways. 


By signing up today, you will receive our digital Green Boating Guide that answers questions like which non-toxic cleaning products actually work, how to anchor properly without damaging marine habitat and what you need for spillproof fueling.