Protect seamounts

Underwater mountains, called seamounts, can be found off the coast of British Columbia. They are massive, fascinating and crucial to the health of the ocean. Everything from octopuses to rockfish are connected to these ecosystems and depend on them to thrive. 

But, their future is at risk. There is no permanent protection to ensure that threats are kept out of these mountains, such as mining, bottom-contact fishing gear and lost gear that continues to cause damage to corals and sponges decades later. 

By adding your name, you will be joining a growing movement of supporters standing up for ocean protection. Join us. Add your voice to protect this incredible underwater mountain range.


Dear Fisheries and Oceans Canada,

I support protecting the Northeast Pacific Seamounts, underwater mountains off the coast of British Columbia. They are incredibly diverse ecosystems, and the need for their protection is internationally recognized. These massive mountains provide habitat for a rich diversity of animals, including corals, sponges, octopuses, halibut and rockfish. 

The future of these seamounts, and all the life that depends on them, is at risk. 

They are not permanently protected from destructive industrial practices. I am adding my name to ensure the Northeast Pacific Seamounts receive permanent protection, and that human activities that could damage them are kept out of this area.

Please protect all seamounts off the coast of British Columbia. The future health of the oceans depends on it.