Tell Your Senators: Ban the Trade of Shark Fins in the U.S.

URGENT: Fins from up to 73 million sharks end up in the global fin trade every year. We must act now to ban the buying and selling of shark fins in the United States and protect sharks and our oceans.

The House of Representatives has already passed a fin ban -- but it will all be for nothing if the Senate doesn't do the same by the end of this year. Your voice is especially important to our efforts to protect sharks: Your senators answer to you! Can you tell your senator to support the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act (S.877) today? Sharks can’t wait. 

Tell your senators to pass a nationwide ban on the trade of shark fins before it’s too late.

Save sharks today!

This action targets members of the U.S. Congress and can only be completed by constituents with an address recognized by the database provided by Congress.