URGENT: Tell your Representative to protect Florida’s Gulf Coast from new offshore drilling

Right now, offshore drilling is banned in the eastern Gulf of Mexico off Florida’s Gulf Coast. If Congress doesn’t act, this ban will expire and could open the floodgates to new drilling off Florida’s coast.

The oil industry already owns decades of untapped oil reserves in our public waters and doesn’t need more when there are many safer sources of energy, including an abundance of renewable sources. We’ve seen the impacts of dangerous offshore drilling and oil spills to coastal communities firsthand – the repercussions last for years.

Help protect Florida’s thriving coastal economy and valuable Gulf environment from dangerous offshore oil and gas development. We need 5,000 people to email their representatives before next week – Will you speak up for our oceans and coastal way of life?

Tell your U.S. Representative right now to permanently extend the moratorium on drilling in the eastern Gulf – there’s no time to waste.

This action targets members of the U.S. House of Representatives and can only be completed by constituents with an address recognized by the database provided by Congress.