URGENT: Tell your Representative in Congress to vote against H.R. 4239 and attacks on core legal protections for whales and dolphins

If allowed, corporate giveaways in H.R. 4239 could put dolphins, whales and other vulnerable marine life in even greater danger by fast-tracking seismic airgun surveys. Without important reviews required by the Marine Mammal Protection Act, the oil industry could harm and harass huge numbers of dolphins and whales – all in the shortsighted pursuit of expanded dirty and dangerous offshore drilling.

The oil industry already owns decades of untapped oil reserves in our public waters and doesn’t need more when there are many safer sources of energy, including an abundance of renewable sources. We’ve seen the impacts of dangerous offshore drilling and oil spills to coastal communities firsthand – the repercussions last for years.

Help protect our most treasured marine life from needless harm. We need 75,000 people to email their representatives before next week – Will you speak up for marine life and our oceans?

Tell your U.S. Representative right now to vote against oil industry giveaways, and protect our coasts and oceans from expanded offshore drilling – there’s no time to waste.