Clean energy is one of the most effective ways we can combat the climate crisis we face. But progress toward a clean energy future has a big hurdle. Big Oil, and its supporters in Congress, created a legal loophole that forces clean wind energy to be paired with dirty offshore drilling. Under current legislation, if the government wants to move forward with new offshore wind leases, there must be an offshore drilling lease sold within the previous 365 days.

That’s right. For clean wind leasing, the law requires a drilling lease to have already happened.

We all know that drilling leads to spilling. It destroys our coastal communities, economies, and oceans. Clean energy should not be tied to drilling for more fossil fuels. Thankfully, there is a solution that would end this cycle.

But we need your voice.

A bill currently in Congress would cut the tie between offshore wind and oil. We just need our senators and representatives to pass it. Make your voice heard and be a part of the solution to save our communities, coastlines, and wildlife from irreversible harm.

Tell your senators and representatives to pass the NOW Act. Our clean energy future should not be drowned out by oil.

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