In 2022, the United Nations Environment Assembly agreed to develop the world’s first global plastics treaty to address the full lifecycle of plastic from fossil fuel extraction to plastic production and consumption to waste disposal. In April 2024, countries from around the world will come together in Ottawa, Canada to continue to negotiate a legally binding Global Plastics Treaty.

The plastic pollution problem is growing. 15 million metric tons of plastic flood the oceans every year. Tens of thousands of individual marine animals have consumed or become entangled in plastic. If we hope to reverse this threat to our oceans as well as our health, our climate, and our future, our leaders must act now. The plastic pollution crisis is a global issue that requires global action.

Tell your leaders: it’s time to tackle plastic pollution, together.

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Plastic has been found floating on the surface of the ocean, washing up on the world’s most remote coastlines, sitting at the deepest point of the ocean floor, and in the air, soil, and fresh water. Plastic harms not only our oceans, but also our climate, our communities, and our health.  

As citizens from around the world, we are calling for a strong, legally binding global treaty to stop plastic pollution at the source. The plastics treaty must address the full lifecycle of plastics, from extraction and production to use and disposal, establish required targets for reuse and refill, and prohibit toxic chemicals in plastics.   

It is time to end the production and use of unnecessary single-use plastic and transition to an economy that invests in reusable and refillable systems and protects people, wildlife, and our climate – in a fair and inclusive way.  

We do not have time to wait nor waste. The time to act is now. 

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