Amazon is refusing to commit to phasing out single-use plastic packaging in the United States, despite moving away from plastic packaging in other major markets including India and Europe. Why are customers from the U.S. being left behind?

Oceana’s new report “Amazon’s United States of Plastic” estimates that Amazon generated 208 million pounds of plastic packaging waste for all transactions in the U.S. in 2022, a 9.6% increase over Oceana’s estimate for 2021. This amount of plastic, in the form of air pillows, would circle the Earth more than 200 times.

Why are U.S. customers being left behind? YouGov polled Amazon customers in the U.S. and found that 85% of the customers surveyed want the company to take action to reduce plastic and the same amount are also concerned about plastic pollution’s impact on the world’s oceans. Why isn’t Amazon listening to its customers? Why is the company forcing plastic packaging on people who don’t want it?

Because the company refuses to commit to phase out plastic packaging in the U.S. and everywhere it operates, Oceana estimates that a large amount of plastic packaging continues to become marine plastic pollution. Using plastic waste pollution data from a peer-reviewed study published in the journal Science in 2020, Oceana estimates that up to 22 million pounds of Amazon's global plastic packaging waste from 2022 will end up in the world's waterways and seas.

Plastic pollution, including the type of plastic used in Amazon’s packaging, is devastating the world’s oceans. Amazon’s plastic packaging is made from the most common form of marine plastic litter in nearshore ocean areas — plastic film — which is also the deadliest type of plastic to large marine animals.

Tell Amazon to take immediate, company-wide action to reduce plastic packaging everywhere it operates including the United States.

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