In a world that is already facing unprecedented, catastrophic, irreversible changes due to both the plastic and climate crises, large corporate actors have a responsibility to reduce their impact.  

For the beverage industry, the path forward is clear – reusable packaging.  

Oceana found that increasing reusable beverage packaging globally by 10-percentage points by 2030 could eliminate over 1 trillion single-use plastic bottles and cups – preventing up to 153 billion of these containers from polluting our world’s waterways and oceans. 

We can’t recycle our way out of the plastic pollution crisis – with only 9% of all plastic waste ever generated being recycled. But we do have a more effective path forward - reuse! Large-scale refillable bottling systems already exist in countries around the world and new systems for reusable cups are emerging as well. These systems are the most leveraged way to reduce single-use plastic. Refillable bottles – which were once the primary way beverages were sold - can be used as many as 50 times, and reusable cups over 100 times. Every instance of reuse prevents a plastic bottle or cup from being thrown away or carelessly trashed, and possibly ending up in our oceans.  

That’s why we’re asking you to join Oceana in calling on beverage and bottling companies around the world to Refill Again by re-establishing, scaling up, investing in, and promoting reusable beverage packaging to achieve the systemic change needed to protect the future of our oceans – and our planet.  

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My name is {user_data~First Name} {user_data~Last Name}, and I, my friends and family – like so many others – have bought your products. 

I am emailing today with Oceana to ask that your company increase the availability of refillable bottles and reusable cups in my country. I would like to buy drinks in reusable packaging, but it isn’t easy to find where I live. Single-use plastic is harming our oceans and I want an alternative option. 

Oceana estimated that up to 168 billion of the single-use plastic bottles and cups that were sold in 2022 will find their way into the world's waterways and oceans. Plastic is everywhere in our oceans, from the sea surface to our beaches and coastline, to its deepest depths. Sea birds have been found dead, with entire plastic bottles inside of them. Sea turtles also eat or become entangled in plastic. This problem has become so big that a revolution in how drinks are packaged and sold is needed. 

As one of the largest beverage or bottling companies in the world, I’m calling on you to help lead this change through prioritizing reusable packaging over single-use plastic. Please also be transparent and specific with your commitments and your progress towards meeting them so that others can learn from and replicate your efforts towards a more sustainable, waste-free world. 

Please help protect our oceans and planet by giving your customers like me a reusable choice. 

Kind regards, 

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