President Biden broke his promise to the American people in September when he issued new offshore drilling leases on federal waters. Despite vowing to end oil and gas drilling on federal waters while campaigning for president, the Biden administration has now offered three new leases for dirty and dangerous offshore drilling.  

This decision is a major missed opportunity to help curb the climate crisis, because we know when companies drill, they spill. This puts our communities and our oceans at serious risk. Ending new offshore drilling on federal waters could have prevented over 19 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which would have been the equivalent of taking every car in the nation off the road for 15 years.  

If the president won’t keep his promise, then our legislators must make him. There’s simply too much at stake. Congress must reject President Biden’s Five-Year Plan during the review process and prevent any new legislation that exacerbates the climate crisis by increasing offshore drilling. The time to act is now. Urge your representative and senators to reject President Biden’s Five-Year Plan for oil and gas and add your voice to the growing list of people who are working tirelessly to protect our coasts. 

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