Offshore drilling is a dirty and dangerous business that harms precious marine life, devastates ocean environments, and risks the livelihoods of coastal communities. 

Nearly 30% of all oil and gas production comes from offshore areas – and we know when they drill, they spill – even though Big Oil would rather you believe that oil spills are a rare occurrence. The truth is, there were more than 6,000 oil spills between 2010-2020 alone. That’s an average of two oil spills a day! 

Ending new leasing for offshore drilling is a vital step in tackling the climate crisis and protecting millions of jobs that rely on healthy oceans. And we’re making real progress! Thanks to Oceana and its allies, about 75,000 miles of coastline in the United States and Belize have been protected from the threat of offshore drilling. But we have more work to do to permanently protect our coasts.  

Join Oceana in calling on our federal government leaders to end new leasing and protect our coasts from dirty and dangerous offshore drilling for good.  

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Dear Leaders, 

I am adding my voice to the growing list of people who urge you to end new leasing for offshore drilling. Offshore oil drilling inevitably leads to oil spills – and regardless of size, it harms vulnerable marine life, ecosystems, and the economies of our coastal communities.  

I am calling on you to end offshore oil and gas lease sales and protect our coasts from dangerous offshore energy development.  


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