The United States is now the only major market where Amazon has NOT committed to reducing plastic packaging. The company has moved away from plastic packaging in Europe, India, Japan and other major markets, yet the US is still being left behind.

Oceana polled Amazon Customers in the United States and found that 85% of Amazon Customer surveyed want the company to take action to reduce plastic and are also concerned about plastic pollution’s impact on the world’s oceans. Why isn’t the company listening to its customers? Why is the company forcing plastic packaging on people who don’t want it?

In its latest sustainability report, the company stated that it is “phasing out padded bags containing plastics in favor of recyclable alternatives” but when pressed, Amazon would not confirm nor deny that this means it is eliminating the use of padded plastic mailers in the United States like its ubiquitous blue and white padded mailer.

Meanwhile, Amazon customers in India, Germany, the United Kingdom and throughout Europe now are increasingly getting packages delivered with plastic alternatives (like a paper mailers). The company has said that “Amazon has stopped packing products in single-use plastic delivery bags and envelopes in its European distribution network. This includes items sold by Amazon and third-party selling partners that use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).”

Why is the company not making a similar commitment for the United States? The US is the company’s largest market, accounting for nearly 70% of the company’s total sales.

Plastic pollution is devastating the world’s seas. The type of plastic packaging used by Amazon, plastic film, can be lethal to marine animals according to scientific reports. The time for companies like Amazon to take action to stop catastrophic effects on our environment, our climate, and human health is now.

Tell Amazon to take immediate, company-wide action to reduce plastic packaging everywhere it operates including the United States.

Please feel free to edit the petition text below, then fill out your info on the right to submit your letter to Amazon’s CEO.  Amazon claims to be responsive to its customers.

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