An estimated 250,000 tons of pea-sized plastic pellets, known as nurdles, end up in the oceans every year, and significant plastic pellet pollution has been found along the shores of all five Great Lakes and the Mississippi River.  

These tiny plastic pellets, the building blocks of most plastics products, are shipped around the world to be melted and molded into new plastic items. Unfortunately, the plastic industry frequently spills these pellets during production and transportation, contributing to the flood of plastic polluting our waterways. Once in the water, plastic pellets are difficult to clean up due to their small size.   

There is no national law regulating the discharge of plastic pellets into waterways, but Congress now has the opportunity to change that. The Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act (S. 2337 / H.R. 7634) would require the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to prohibit the discharge of plastic pellets into our oceans, rivers, and lakes. 

Urge your members of Congress to protect our oceans from plastic pellet pollution by cosponsoring the Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act. 

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Background photo credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, taken under NOAA permit 20556-01