Plastic has been found everywhere — from the deep ocean to the rain in our national parks. Luckily, we have the opportunity to protect our treasured parks from plastic pollution. A new bill has been introduced in Congress that would reduce the single-use plastics polluting our national parks. We urge you to send a letter to your members of Congress to support this important bill so that our parks will be plastic-free. 

The Reducing Waste in National Parks Act (S.2728/H.R.4561) introduced by Senator Jeff Merkley (OR) and Representative Mike Quigley (IL) would phase out the sale and distribution of single-use plastic products, such as plastic beverage bottles, bags, and foodware, across all 424 national park sites, including Grand Canyon, Acadia, Yellowstone, Channel Islands, and Denali National Parks. This bill would also encourage water refill stations in the parks.   

U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland announced in June 2022 that single-use plastics will be phased out in all national parks and other federal lands managed by the Department of the Interior by 2032. But we can’t wait that long, and we can’t risk such an important policy being overturned with a new administration. Congress should pass this bill now to make sure the policy is permanent. 

Ask your members of Congress to support the Reducing Waste in National Parks Act to permanently protect our national parks from plastic pollution. Please feel free to edit the letter text below.

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This action emails your direct federal representatives and can only be completed by U.S. citizens with an address recognized by the database provided by Congress.

Background photo credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, taken under NOAA permit 20556-01