KEEP MAINE’S WATERS Free of Monster Fish Farms

Maine is the only state left in the United States with commercial ocean-pen salmon farms while other states have banned them due to the myriad of problems, which include pollution, disease, die-offs, and fish escapes. In fact, only a handful of countries around the world still farm salmon in the ocean, and almost all have clear limits on scale or density.But not Maine. 

Maine needs to enact clear limits so we don't end up with monster fish farms like the one proposed by American Aquafarms in Frenchman Bay, right off the shores of Acadia National Park. It's time for Maine to strengthen its ocean-pen salmon farm regulations by placing limits on scale and density and by making some areas, such as those in immediate proximity to national parks, heritage sites, and other culturally significant locations, off limits to salmon farming altogether. 

American Aquafarms won't go away on its own. The demise of its proposal (and any similar subsequent proposals) is best ensured by enacting new regulations that clearly limit what can be done in Maine's ocean.  

Use your voice today to protect Maine from monster fish farms. 

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To whom it may concern:

Maine’s pristine waters are at risk, threatened by massive industrial fish farms that could forever change our coasts and waterways. The recent proposal by American Aquafarms exposed that Maine is vulnerable, as there are no clear limits to the size, density, and location of fish farms in state waters. 

If allowed to move forward, American Aquafarms would build the biggest salmon farm in North America, the size of 15 football fields and within half a mile of the shore of Acadia National Park. 

Without clear limits on the books, Maine’s waters are vulnerable to future farms that are too big and too risky. 

L.D. 1951, An Act Regarding Marine Finfish Aquaculture, directly plugs one of the holes in Maine’s rules by enacting a density limit for marine finfish farms. This would have the effect of preventing another proposal like American Aquafarms from coming to Maine.

We respectfully urge you to please vote Ought to Pass on L.D. 1951, An Act Regarding Marine Finfish Aquaculture. 


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