Our oceans are under threat like never before as climate change threatens the health of marine life across the planet. 

The impacts can already be felt as we experience more extreme weather globally. Sea levels are rising, natural disasters are occurring more frequently and with higher intensity, and the oceans continue to warm at alarming rates.  

The climate crisis is something we know how to combat – by drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions – and our oceans can play a key role in the battle. But ocean policy is often overlooked in discussions of climate action and solutions. 

An Oceana analysis in 2022 found that implementing just six ocean-based solutions, including halting new offshore oil and gas drilling, can deliver a large amount of the carbon emissions reductions necessary to prevent the worst effects of the climate crisis. We need to act now to turn the tide on climate change before it’s too late. 

Urge President Biden to take immediate action to combat the climate crisis today. 

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Dear Mr. President, 

Thank you for developing America’s first Ocean Climate Action Plan. This is a good first step, but more must be done. To date, our oceans have helped protect us from the worst impacts of climate change, and we know they can play an outsized role in keeping the planet from warming to catastrophic levels. But in order for that to happen, countries like the United States must stop the expansion of dirty and dangerous offshore drilling and reduce the production and use of single-use plastics. 

Preventing new offshore oil and gas leasing is a critical step in tackling the climate crisis. An analysis by Oceana found that permanently protecting unleased areas in U.S. waters could prevent over 19 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, accelerating clean, renewable energy sources like offshore wind will pave the way for good-paying American jobs that will power our nation into the future. 

In addition to ending new fossil fuel extraction and promoting responsibly sited and operated offshore wind power, more must be done to reduce plastic pollution, since it contributes to climate change at every stage of its life cycle. Polling shows widespread bipartisan support among American voters for policies that limit the use of single-use plastics.  

Mr. President: We are counting on you to take bold ocean climate action by ending new leasing for offshore oil and gas drilling and taking action to reduce unnecessary single-use plastic production. We’re counting on your leadership. The time to act is now. 


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