Tell Amazon: Less plastic, please

Amazon is in denial about its plastic problem. A new Oceana report estimates that Amazon’s plastic packaging waste in 2021 totaled 709 million pounds, an 18% increase from 2020 estimates.

Shareholders and customers overwhelmingly want the company to address this problem, yet the company refuses to outline a plan and commit to a company-wide reduction in plastic use.

Plastic pollution is devastating the world’s seas. The type of plastic packaging used by Amazon, plastic film, can be lethal to marine animals according to scientific reports. The time for companies like Amazon to take action to stop catastrophic effects on our environment, our climate, and human health is now.

Tell Amazon to be fully transparent about its use of plastic packaging, and take immediate, company-wide action to reduce it.

Please feel free to edit the petition text below, then fill out your info on the right to submit your letter to Amazon’s CEO. Amazon claims to be responsive to its customers.

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