love is in the air!

While the animal kingdom doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, they have other ways to show their love.

Some penguin species – most notable Emperor penguins – mate for life, sea otters hold hands in the water to avoid floating away from each other, Atlantic puffins form monogamous bonds, often returning to the same burrow to nest and raise their young, and seahorses will hook their tails as if they’re holding hands. 

Cute right? But these animals, much like our oceans, are at risk due to a variety of human-made threats, such as offshore drilling, plastic pollution, and destructive fishing practices that damage ocean habitat.

But you can help these oceanic romantics AND show your love for that special someone with a gift donation this Valentine’s Day. You’ll be supporting Oceana's campaigns to protect the world's oceans and help marine wildlife that rely on clean and healthy oceans. With your help, we can protect marine life and habitats.

After making your donation, you'll be directed to send an eCard to your recipient. They will not be notified of the donation amount. If you'd like to symbolically adopt an animal on someone's behalf instead, visit our online store.

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