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URGENT: Stop Dangerous Seismic Blasting in Belize

Add your name to save Belize from dangerous seismic airgun blasting.Dangerous seismic airgun blasting could soon resume in Belize’s vibrant waters any day now. Manatees, dolphins, coral reefs, commercially important fish stocks, and the Belizean people’s very way of life are all at risk.

Belize's marine life and citizens had no warning of this grave threat. Belize's government has secretly been working on plans to explore for oil along its barrier reef using seismic blasting – despite public promises that it would ban drilling. It’s on us to hold the government accountable, before it’s too late.

Add your name now – Tell the government of Belize to immediately ban dangerous seismic blasting and honor its promises to ban drilling.

Update, Oct. 20, 5:54 p.m. EST: Belize’s Geology and Petroleum Department reportedly calls for a halt to ongoing seismic blasting operations off the country’s coast in response to public concern. Oceana will continue to follow the situation and oppose any seismic blasting in Belize’s waters. Your voice is still needed.


Dear Prime Minister Barrow,

I’m writing today to urge you and your administration to immediately prohibit seismic airgun blasting in Belize’s waters.

Seismic blasting, used to located oil and natural gas deposits below the ocean floor, puts the very future of Belize at risk. Seismic blasting has been proven to injure and potentially even kill important marine mammals and disturb commercially important fish stocks.

Allowing seismic blasting means risking Belize’s thriving tourism industry and potentially putting local fisher people in economic peril. That’s a massive economic risk Belize should not accept.

Your administration promised to ban deadly offshore drilling in Belize’s waters – To allow seismic blasting would be a betrayal of that promise to the Belizean people and to the greater international community that cherishes Belize’s valuable marine habitat.

There is no time to waste. Please honor your administration’s promises to ban offshore drilling and stop dangerous offshore oil and gas exploration, like seismic blasting, now.