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Walls of Death Floating in the Pacific


Act now to save dolphins and other wildlife from deadly drift gillnets.

Mile-long drift gillnets are left out to soak overnight in the waters off of southern California. Intended to catch swordfish and thresher sharks, these nets also capture and critically injure iconic marine animals like the dolphins, endangered sperm whales, sharks, and sea turtles.

In 2011, for every five swordfish landed by boats using drift gillnets, one marine mammal was killed and six fish were tossed back dead or dying. These numbers are unacceptable.

Drift gillnets are already banned in Washington and Oregon, and they should not be allowed off California, home to a variety of endangered and iconic wildlife. It's time to eliminate this deadly fishing method and replace it with cleaner fishing gear.

Sign today to tell decision-makers to rid our ocean of drift gillnets and protect our wildlife.

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