Protect Seals and Baby Belugas: Fight Oil Drilling in the Arctic

Donate to Stop Drilling in the ArcticArctic oil drilling puts millions of ocean animals at risk. Join the fight to save them.

Exploring and drilling for oil is dangerous business. Seals, newborn whales, and other Arctic animals can die from inhaling oil fumes. When oil gets on a seal's fur coat, it ruins its insulation, leaving the seal to freeze to death.

But what's scariest is Shell and other oil companies have no effective response plan to deal with an oil spill in the cold Arctic waters, far away from emergency personnel. Even the Coast Guard admits that cleaning up an Arctic oil spill would be nearly impossible.

We are filing legal actions, educating policymakers about the dangers of offshore drilling, and working with local communities to research special areas of the Arctic. But we need your help.

Please donate now to help us continue our fight to protect seals, beluga whales, and our world's oceans.

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Thank you for your generous support to help the world's oceans!

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