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Drill, Spill, Repeat?

Four years after the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, nothing has changed.

The 2010 disaster that flooded the Gulf of Mexico with 200 million gallons of oil should have been a wake-up call, but instead of improving drilling safety, the government is opening up even more waters to the oil industry.

Seismic airgun blasting may soon begin on the Atlantic Coast. These deafening blasts are used to search for oil and gas deposits under the ocean floor. The blasts are dangerous enough on their own, with the potential to deafen and kill thousands of marine animals, and if oil is found the Atlantic will be at risk for more deadly spills like the one we saw in the Gulf of Mexico.

Don't let the Gulf oil disaster be forgotten. Tell President Obama and the Secretary of the Interior to halt expansion of seismic airgun blasts and offshore oil drilling before they reach the East Coast.

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