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Tell President Obama the seismic fight isn't over

The Obama Administration made a huge mistake yesterday, authorizing the use of deadly seismic blasting of the U.S. East Coast. These blast threaten to injure or kill up to 138,200 marine mammals—including endangered right whales—and devastate coastal communities who depend on tourism, fishing, and coastal recreation.

Join us TODAY in telling the Obama Administration A) their record of decision is severely flawed and B) we’re not going anywhere. We won’t let them allow seismic blasting permits that damage our coastal life and communities.

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    Dear President Obama,

    According to the Department of the Interior's own estimates, the use of airguns would injure and disrupt up to 138,200 marine mammals. These impacts would include injuries and disturbances to critically endangered species, like the North Atlantic right whale, of which there are less than 500 whales left. Additionally, coastal economies will feel the loss of revenue as profitable fish stocks become threatened by the loud seismic airgun blasts.

    In short:

    1. The Record of Decision to explore the Atlantic Ocean is deeply and utterly flawed.
    2. As a concerned citizen and stakeholder, I commit to doubling down my efforts and do everything in my power to stop the permitting process.

    Throughout this permitting process, we will be here to stop dangerous permits and put an end to this destruction of our valuable marine animals and coastal livelihoods.