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Stop the Drill

Stop Offshore Drilling and Demand a Clean Energy Future.

oil spillLess than six months after the BP oil spill gushed millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, the administration lifted the ban on deep water drilling.

The oil industry has not shown that they can effectively prevent, contain, and respond to spills, and yet, our oceans are once again in danger of being socked with an oily torrent.

The Gulf Coast economy is suffering, and endangered sea turtles, dolphins and countless other marine creatures, seen and unseen, have been affected. The damage is done and there’s a long road ahead for recovery.

The only way to prevent this from happening again is by stopping offshore drilling. A clean energy future is possible, but we need your voice. We need to tell the President and Congress that it's time to stop the drilling and instead move towards a clean energy future.

Sign the petition to stop offshore drilling.

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    Sign the Petition to Stop the Drill

    Our elected officials and business leaders need to make sure the future of our oceans is not threatened by the pursuit of dirty energy. Tell them that it's time to stop offshore drilling and move towards cleaner energy solutions, like offshore wind.

    President Obama,

    The Deepwater Horizon accident should serve as a wakeup call – offshore drilling is a dangerous and dirty way to get energy. After millions of gallons spewed into the Gulf of Mexico, this disaster is an unfortunate but perfect example of the hazards of offshore drilling.

    Drilling won't lower the price at the pump or make us energy independent but it will devastate the Gulf ecosystem and threaten the livelihoods of coastal communities. The Gulf of Mexico is home to many endangered animals, including the world’s most endangered sea turtle, Kemp’s Ridley.

    Continuing or increasing offshore drilling is not the answer. We need to stop drilling and move towards clean energy solutions.