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Predators as Prey - Help Save Tuna and Sharks

Protect Bluefin Tuna and Sharks from overfishing

Our appetites are driving sharks and tuna to extinction.

As the oceans' top predators, sharks and bluefin tuna are integral to maintaining healthy ocean ecosystems, keeping other populations in balance.

But decades of overfishing and shark finning have left shark and tuna in a dire situation. Some shark populations have dropped by 99%. The BP oil disaster couldn't have happened in a worse place or time - the Gulf of Mexico is one of two spawning grounds for Atlantic bluefin tuna.

Healthy oceans need their top predators. The international commissions in charge of tuna fisheries is meeting RIGHT NOW and our representatives need to hear from you. Speak up before it is too late.

Thank you for your support, however this action has expired

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