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Stop Seismic Airgun Testing in the Atlantic: Elected Official Sign-On Letter

As a representative of a coastal community you know how important healthy oceans are to your constituents.

The Obama Administration and coastal governors are currently considering proposals to allow seismic airgun blasting in the Atlantic Ocean to search for oil and gas deposits. Not only is seismic blasting the first step toward East Coast drilling, and the inevitable oil spills that will follow, but seismic airguns are incredibly disruptive to marine wildlife and fish. The Department of Interior estimates as many as 138,000 whales and dolphins could be injured or possibly killed by seismic blasting in the proposed area.

Please sign on to the letter below calling on the Obama Administration to prevent seismic airgun use in the Atlantic. We’ve succeeded in delaying the process for the past 3 years, but coastal governments and the Obama administration are taking steps in opening up the Atlantic to seismic airgun blasting AND offshore drilling—we can’t win this fight without you.

For more information watch our short film Drill Spill Repeat" or read about what’s at stake in our latest report, Atlantic Energy: Offshore Energy by the Numbers.

Thank you for your support, however this action has expired

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