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Great White Sharks are in Danger

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US West Coast population is at serious risk of extinction, and needs your help

Great white sharks are disappearing from our waters. Recent scientific studies provided the first ever population estimate, concluding that there are only a few hundred adults swimming off the Pacific coast of California and Mexico, far fewer than anyone expected. And those that are left face deadly dangers from commercial gillnet fishing nets.

These sharks are not covered under the Endangered Species Act, but they should be. Newborn great whites from this area are regularly killed by commercial fishing gear off Southern California and Baja California in offshore gillnet fisheries targeting halibut, white seabass, and swordfish.

Our Pacific coast needs great whites. As some of the oceans' top predators, they keep the food web in balance. And as one of the most iconic ocean animals, they fascinate humans everywhere. What would Shark Week be without them?

Help the US West Coast great whites get the protection they need. Sign TODAY to support listing great white sharks under the Endangered Species Act.

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