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Take a Pledge for Dusky

Dusky the Shark meets the crowd at Fin Fest.

Dusky just left California after raising awareness about the plight of his species during Discovery Channel's Fin Fest event launching Shark Week. And now he needs your suggestions of actions for his bucket list.

Crash a celebrity party? Present at a Congressional hearing? What do you think Dusky should add to his bucket list?

Conditions off the Atlantic coast are dire for dusky sharks, numbers of which have plummeted by 99 percent over the last 40 years. 99 percent! Fishing for them was officially prohibited in 2000, yet as many as 75,000 dusky sharks may have been caught and killed as bycatch.

Populations are struggling to recover, which is why Dusky will continue working through his bucket list meeting with celebrities, elected officials and many others to raise awareness about his species' plight.

Will you take a pledge for Dusky? He will call on your support soon to sign a petition for greater protections. Sign up now, spread the word and submit ideas for Dusky's bucket list.

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    I pledge to stand up for dusky sharks.

    I believe that greater protections are needed immediately to protect dusky sharks from ending up as bycatch. Without such regulations, the dusky shark population off the U.S. Atlantic coast will not rebuild.

    I call on the U.S. government to enact meaningful regulations to protect this majestic species. And I intend to partner with Oceana and Dusky the Shark in future petitions and other actions to help protect dusky sharks.