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Join the Chefs' Petition for SAFE Seafood

There has been increasing attention paid to seafood fraud (when someone receives a species that is different from the one they paid for). Last February, Oceana released one of the largest seafood fraud investigations in the world to date, which found that one-third (33 percent) of the 1,215 fish samples we collected from 674 retail outlets in 21 states were mislabeled, according to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines.

Simply, consumers and culinary professionals have been cheated, and in some cases made very sick, because of rampant seafood fraud. The SAFE Seafood Act would require full traceability for all seafood sold in the U.S. The co-sponsors of this bill are looking for chefs to support the bill as well.

Chefs including Mario Batali, Eric Ripert, Jacques Pepin, and Anthony Bourdain have joined already. Please join us and sign on below, to have greater assurance that you are paying for, and cooking, exactly what you intended.

Thank you for your support, however this action has expired

Please visit Oceana's action page for more opportunities to make an impact.