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Fight seafood fraud in Maryland


Maryland friends: Seafood fraud is at your back door. Last year, we found that 26% of seafood that Oceana tested in the Washington, DC and Maryland area was mislabeled. 

And many things that you may care aboutlike where or how your fish was caughtmight not be on the label at all. Some species are often secretly swapped for cheaper or more readily available options, and you can't be sure that your fish was caught sustainably or even legally.

But Maryland is moving toward making your seafood's history more transparent. State Delegate Eric Luedtke has just introduced a bill combating seafood fraud, and we want to make sure this bill gets passed. The bill, called the "Maryland Seafood Authenticity and Enforcement Act," (House Bill 913) presents solid solutions:

We should be able to know where our crabcakes come from. Tell your representative TODAY to support the Maryland Seafood Authenticity and Enforcement Act.

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