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Protect Whales in Monterey Bay Sanctuary


Loud airgun blasts would put whales at risk

Marine sanctuaries should be safe havens for the wildlife within. However, these sanctuaries currently do not have regulations to protect marine life from deafening sound of seismic airguns, used for oil and gas exploration below the ocean floor. If loud seismic airgun blasts are ever allowed in sanctuary waters, many of these animals will be killed, deafened or injured. 

While Oceana activists are currently fighting plans to allow these blasts in the Atlantic, in California the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Advisory Council will be considering a proposed resolution calling for the Superintendent to impose a ban on seismic airguns within sanctuary waters.

Send a letter to ask the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Advisory Council to pass a resolution asking for a ban on seismic surveys, and the Superintendent to subsequently establish regulations to implement the ban.

Thank you for your support, however this action has expired

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