Save Turtles From Dying

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UPDATE August 8: Thanks to activists all over the US, we've just delivered 37,998 signatures! This action is now closed, but you can still take action here if you want to do your part to save turtles.

Shrimp nets are drowning turtles, but they don't have to.

Dead sea turtles are washing up on Gulf shores by the hundreds. More are falling uncounted onto the ocean floor. They are victims of drowning, caught in shrimp nets and unable to escape.

Shrimp nets don't have to kill. They can - and should - include escape hatches called Turtle Excluder Devices. But records show that many fishermen are ignoring the rules, and no one is stopping them.

We are calling on the National Marine Fisheries Service to enforce the rules already on the books and protect endangered and threatened turtles. Speak out against this unnecessary massacre.

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    Dear Michael Barnette,
    National Marine Fisheries Service