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Keep Shark Fins Out of California

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UPDATE August 24: We are hand delivering over 5,000 signatures today! Thank you to everyone for taking action.
Senators are voting on a shark fin ban THIS WEEK. Take action today.

Shark finning, a brutal and wasteful act where fishermen cut off sharks' fins and toss the bleeding shark overboard to die, is now banned in US waters. But sharks are still not safe.

There is a booming business in the shark fin trade, leading to the deaths of tens of millions of sharks every year. And many of those fins come from overseas, where finning still occurs.

Sharks can't reproduce fast enough to keep up with the demand for their fins. But California can make a difference. AB 376 will make it illegal to possess or sell shark fins in California, which will take some pressure off these magnificent and important animals.

Help California become a leader in shark conservation. Tell your Senator to support AB 376 TODAY!

Thank you for your support, however this action has expired

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