We Need to Protect Our Sharks

Update: June 1, 2011 Thank you all for signing! We delivered 12,881 signatures yesterday, and now we're waiting to hear the results.

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Their numbers are dropping and we are their biggest threat. Sharks are hunted for shark fin soup but they cannot reproduce fast enough to catch up with global demand. In the Atlantic Ocean, oceanic whitetips have lost up to 70% of their population. Hammerheads are doing even worse - their population has dropped an estimated 83%.

There are new fishery regulations to protect these vulnerable sharks, but the US is trying to get around the rules. Policy makers want to write in loopholes so fishers can continue to catch and keep these sharks, despite their rapidly dropping numbers.

Speak up by May 30 - tell the National Marine Fisheries Service to follow the rules and protect our sharks!

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    Dear Margo Schulze-Haugen,
    Chief Highly Migratory Species Division, National Marine Fisheries Service