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Tell Your Representative to Support Safe Seafood

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SAFE Seafood Act will protect consumers and the oceans

Seafood is one of the most popular foods in the US, but consumers often have no way to know for sure exactly what they are eating or where it came from. Studies show that for some commonly swapped types of seafood, up to 70% may be mislabeled.

H.R. 6200, the SAFE Seafood Act, will help protect consumers and the oceans from seafood fraud. By requiring traceability from bait to plate and strengthening enforcement against fraud, this act will help ensure that the food on your plate is exactly what's on the menu.

Seafood fraud hurts. Mislabeled seafood can pose health risks to consumers, and illegal or unsustainable fish are sold under false labelling, hurting conservation efforts.

Tell your Representative to fight seafood fraud by co-sponsoring the SAFE Seafood Act (H.R. 6200) today.

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