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Tell the FDA: Stop Seafood Fraud

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Seafood fraud hurts, and it's more common than you think. Studies show that for some commonly swapped types of seafood, up to 70% may be mislabeled.

Seafood fraud is dangerous to our health. Supposedly healthy fish may be swapped for fish that contain antibiotics or contaminants, or even be replaced with a species that can make people sick! Fish served as white tuna has occasionally been found to be escolar, a species that is banned in some places due to health risks.

And mislabeling doesn't just affect human health. The oceans suffer when people fish unsustainably or illegally and then lie about where their catch came from. Without traceability, consumers can't know for sure that their food choices are sustainable.

The FDA can do more to protect consumers and the oceans. Sign today to tell the FDA to fight seafood fraud.

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