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It's Time to Take Action on Seafood Fraud

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The SAFE Seafood Act will protect consumers and the oceans

Seafood fraud is widespread across the United States. In our recent study, one-third of the more than 1,200 samples tested turned out to be something different than what was listed on the label or menu.

Mislabeled seafood puts consumers at risk, potentially hiding toxins like mercury or other hidden health dangers. And mislabeled seafood can hide illegally-caught fish or unsustainable fishing, hurting conservation efforts.

The SAFE Seafood Act will help protect consumers and the oceans from seafood fraud. By requiring traceability from bait to plate and strengthening enforcement against fraud, this bill will help ensure that the food on your plate is exactly what's on the menu while providing consumers with more information about the seafood they purchase.

Tell your Representative and Senators to fight seafood fraud by co-sponsoring the SAFE Seafood Act today.

Thank you for your support, however this action has expired

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