Healthy Oceans Start Small

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We need to protect the little fish so everyone else has enough to eat

Sandlance and smelt may not be cute, but small fish like these keep the oceans fed. Called "forage fish," small fish provide meals for everything from whales to puffins. Existing fisheries already risk overfishing sardine and anchovy, with ecosystem wide impacts, and many other forage fish have no protections or management at all.

If new fisheries develop for the currently unmanaged forage species, birds and whales might find themselves without enough to eat. Predatory fish species like salmon and tuna also need forage fish, so a collapse in one species could affect the entire Pacific seafood industry.

But there's still time to make a difference! Sign TODAY to tell the Pacific Fishery Management Council to protect forage fish, for the health of the oceans.

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    Dear Dan Wolford,
    Chair of the Pacific Fishery Management Council