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Prevent Another Oil Spill


Save marine animals from offshore drilling

Pod of beluga whales in Arctic waters. DK.

Turtles and Whales Need Your Help

Wherever offshore drilling happens, oil spills are inevitable. They put hundreds of thousands of innocent animals at risk – from walruses and whales in pristine Alaskan waters to sea turtles and dolphins in the warm Atlantic ocean.

We don’t have to imagine what a tragic oil spill could be like – we only have to remember last summer and the millions of gallons of oil ceaselessly gushing into the Gulf for months.

Attempt after failed attempt to stop the BP leak is a brutal example that we simply aren’t prepared for oil spills, no matter where they happen. And spills will happen...unless we prevent them.

Speak up by March 30 to prevent new offshore drilling for the next 5 years.

Thank you for your support, however this action has expired

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