Stop New York's Shark Fin Trade


The oceans need sharks and sharks need fins

The demand for shark fins is driving some shark species to extinction. Tens of millions of sharks are caught each year for their fins, and in some  places these sharks are finned alive, a brutal practice in which a shark’s fins are hacked off at sea, and the animal is thrown overboard to die.

New York is currently the largest importer and exporter of shark fins on the East Coast, but if we act now, these facts could be history. The New York Senate and Assembly are considering bills that would ban the possession, sale, and trade of shark fins within the state. Sharks are vital to the health of the oceans, and the worldwide shark fin trade is killing them. California, Oregon, and Washington have already passed similar bans – now let's have New York lead the charge on the East Coast. Sign TODAY to support A.7707c/S.6431 and take shark fins out of New York.

This petition is now closed. Click here to take action on New York's most recent shark fin bills.