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Hammerheads need your help


UPDATE: Thank you all for your help. The comment period for this decision is now closed. Oceana will continue to follow this decision and work to protect threatened hammerheads.


These overfished sharks need protection under the Endangered Species Act

With their instantly recognizable hammer-shaped heads, the aptly named hammerhead is among the most beloved of sharks. And in the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts, their populations are dropping rapidly.

These iconic sharks are being overfished, and over a thousand sharks die every year on longlines meant to catch other fish.

Existing laws are clearly not enough to protect these vulnerable sharks. Being listed under the Endangered Species Act would help their populations recover from decades of irresponsible fishing and lax management measures. But the National Marine Fisheries Service is putting these sharks at risk of extinction by choosing not to list them under the Endangered Species Act, and we need you to help them change their minds.

Sign today to tell the National Marine Fisheries Service that Atlantic and Gulf hammerheads belong on the Endangered Species List.

Thank you for your support, however this action has expired

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