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New regulation threatens to increase shark finning

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) recently proposed new regulations implementing the Shark Conservation Act that requires that all sharks be landed with their fins naturally attached. However, they also slipped in language that could cause state shark fin trade bans to be undermined, meaning more shark fins could be imported from countries that do allow the horrific practice.

These important state trade bans reduce the demand for shark fins, many of which are imported from countries that allow shark finning, putting vulnerable shark species further at risk. The National Marine Fisheries Service should be promoting shark conservation, not undermining it.

NMFS is collecting comments on this proposed rule. Please add your voice today to show passionate support to maintain bans on the trade of shark fins. Send our letter below or add your own message in the text box.

Let's tell the National Marine Fisheries Service to remove regulations that threaten state shark fin trade bans.

Thank you for your support, however this action has expired

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