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Tell the PFMC to Protect the Marine Food Chain!

Lend your voice to help save vital forage fish populations.

Sea lion pups, stranded, emaciated and dehydrated. Brown pelicans failing to reproduce. This is already happening, and it will only get worse if we don’t act now.

These species and many others off the California coast depend on Pacific sardines for nourishment. But the sardine population has precipitously crashed 74 percent since 2007 with no evidence of recovery. Now fishermen are turning to anchovies, which are still at low numbers and not actively managed.

Rather than provide increased protections for these crucial forage fish populations, the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) is considering increasing the catch rate of Pacific sardines and continuing to not actively manage Northern anchovy.

The PFMC is tempting disaster. The health of these forage fish populations is of critical importance to species including sea lions and brown pelicans as well as the viability of the commercial fishing industry.

Please sign our letter to the PFMC now to demand immediately establishing appropriate safeguards to protect these important forage species.

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