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To date, the EU has woefully failed to sustainably manage its deep-sea fisheries. Deep-sea fisheries in the North-East Atlantic are managed under over 10 year old, very weak legislation. It applies to only a few species targeted by fishers, doesn't protect ancient coral ecosystems, and places no restrictions on destructive fishing gears, such as bottom trawls and gillnets. Embarrassingly, out of more than 100 species caught in the North Atlantic, only 3 are considered healthy.

The EU is failing international commitments to sustainably manage deep-sea fisheries and protect vulnerable marine ecosystems such as cold-water reefs or seamounts, but we can help change that.

The European Union is currently revising the rules for deep-sea fishing in the North-East Atlantic. It is a unique opportunity to set deep-sea fisheries management on the path towards sustainability, by ending overexploitation of deep-sea stocks and protecting the vulnerable habitats that they depend on.

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