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Urge President Obama to protect the oceans!

The oceans are in serious trouble. Overfishing is diminishing the ability of our seas to provide valuable protein, while irresponsible commercial fishing practices are leading to the discard of billions of tons of fish annually, the injuring of wildlife such as sea turtles and marine mammals, and the destruction of key ocean habitats.

Meanwhile, CO2 emissions are causing climate change and ocean acidification, which spells disaster for coral reefs, the heart of many marine ecosystems. On top of that, the oil industry is still clamoring to put more oil rigs off our coasts which will compound the problems of climate change even more.

In addition, much of our seafood is poisoned with mercury from industrial sources. Much of this mercury is released needlessly by out-of-date chlorine factories that should have long since switched to mercury free technology. A bill in Congress, originally authored by the President, could put an end to mercury contamination from chlorine plants once and for all.

Don’t delay -- tell President Obama to take steps to protect the oceans before it’s too late.

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