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Tell President Obama to stop the catastrophic impacts of climate change now!

Climate change is impacting our oceans. From sea level rise to ocean acidification, major impacts upon our planet will occur unless we do something.

The oceans absorb carbon dioxide. As carbon dioxide emissions increase, the oceans absorb an increasing amount of carbon dioxide. This creates a chemical reaction and is literally changing the chemistry of the ocean, making the water more acidic. Once the tipping point is reached, corals and many other shell forming creatures at the base of the food web will have a harder time forming skeletons, spelling potential disaster for the marine life.

In addition, warming seas will cause sea levels to rise, and marine ecosystems and food webs are likely to be disrupted and in some cases, depleted as a result of changing ocean circulation.

It’s time to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by reducing our consumption, converting to clean energy such as offshore wind, and halting offshore drilling.

Tell the president to take action to combat climate change today.

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